Central Avenue Church is an independent, non-denominational church. On Sunday mornings, we come together to grow, to learn, and to seek God alongside one another. Throughout the week, we try to live out what it means to follow Christ by serving the marginalized in our community, investing in relationships, and gathering for special events.

Central Avenue Church welcomes and affirms the LGBTQIA+ community, gives refuge to the refugees, stands with the Black Lives Matter movement, and wants all to be a part of the conversation to find what God looks like in the midst of our varying identities.


Sunday MORNINGS at 10 (...ISH)

725 North Central Avenue
Glendale, California 91203

Each week we offer worship through music, prayer, communion, and a message followed by a live discussion

Childcare is provided downstairs

Arrive at 9:50 for coffee and refreshments





Led by Christ's example, we are committed to acts of service to the poor, marginalized, and oppressed and we strive to cultivate an attitude of service in every facet of our lives.


Jesus taught that we should love God with our heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbor as ourself. We do what we do so that we might connect with each other and with the divine and so that we may be transformed and transform the world.  



Being a Christian doesn't mean checking your mind at the door. We think it is important to ask the difficult questions of our faith, sit with our doubt, and seek truth wherever it may lead.

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We are a group of leaders who recognize that the gifts and attributes of leadership
are found among many different people – not just the ones with microphones.


Aaron Van Voorhis

Teaching Pastor

Max WedeL

Creative Arts / Bridge Ministry

Bob English

Associate Pastor / Financial Director

Maelyn Hager

Children's Ministry



Desirae Dickinson
Jennifer Humphrey
Michelle Rios
Micah Cordy
Benjamin Willis
Caleb Gonzales
Nathan Davis
Dorian Serna