We gather in a building...an old building. But Central Avenue Church is far more than brick, wood, and glass. We are a group of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, orientations, ages, and denominations, who believe that being a church should be about more than having a list of things we disagree with.

Also, we think Jesus is pretty cool. In fact, we think Jesus is the hope of the world.

On Sunday mornings, we come together to grow, to learn, to worship, to love, and to seek God alongside one another. And throughout the week, we try to live out what it means to follow Christ by serving the marginalized in our community, by engaging and investing in authentic relationships, and by studying the scriptures and the nature of God.
Sundays at 10am

Core Values


We believe that our mission reaches far beyond the four walls of our church building. We seek to be servants of Christ throughout our community and world. We are deeply committed to acts of service to the poor, marginalized, and oppressed and we strive to cultivate an attitude of service in every facet of our lives.


We understand God to be profoundly relational. Out of an overflow of love and grace, God chose to enter into relationship with us. We hope to never stop discovering what the proper response to such love and grace looks like. We know that part of it looks like loving our neighbors as ourselves. So we try to do just that.


We believe in a God who is even bigger than the boxes we try to put him in. As we try to understand God more fully, we are committed to seeking truth and having an intellectual approach to Scripture and our world. We believe we are called to ask the difficult questions of our faith and to continually work toward discerning the direction God is moving his church in this world.


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725 North Central Avenue
Glendale, California 91203
E-mail: info@centralavenuechurch.org
Phone Number: (818) 572-2213

Sundays @ 10:00am